Friday, September 11, 2009

A slow down for healing

I'm here...I haven't been training that much as I've been dealing with some health issues.

I had my regular yearly tests made earlier this year and they showed I was anemic. I spent a few months thinking about why that might be (all the while taking high iron pills thinking, is this really the right way to go about fixing my iron problem?) - I have a good diet and eat plenty of foods high in iron....what's the deal!?

So I went to a very good naturopath who also is a Crossfitter and we uncovered some of the issues as to the cause of my low iron. I've been working on solving them since I returned back from Canada - It's like peeling an onion - slowly working through the layers of it all .... sometimes they are pretty yucky feeling layers!

So I've slowed my training down to 1-2x a week and I am walking, doing yoga and trying to get a day in a week at the indoor rock climbing gym. And trying to get a lot of sleep because boy is healing hard work!!!