Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

Hey everyone...I'm back! Was super busy as my mom was here visiting us for two weeks. We had a great time and I even dragged her down to the gym! Thanks for the support Mom! Thanks for the photos Stef!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

PAIN Storm

Did my first Pain Storm at The Cell on the weekend. 30 mins of pure Crossfit Workout!

As Many Rounds as Possible of:
15kg bar
Snatch Grip Deadlift x 5 rep
Hang Snatch x 5 rep
Overhead Squats x 5 rep
Behind the Neck Press x 5 rep

Total: 18 rounds!

No words can describe doing Crossfit for 30 mins straight. I started out thinking it would be a purely mental challenge although I hit about 9 rounds and started to feel like I was going to vomit! Adrenalin? Not enough breakfast? Tired from previous workouts? All of the above? Perhaps....The storm drain outside was looking appealing a few times but I managed to keep the milk and cookies down (actually, no cookies were eaten during this week!) and sweated through 18 rounds! Congrats to all of my workout partners and thanks to my fiancee, and coaches Jason and Stef yelling at me to keep going! I couldn't have done it without you!

The Week it Was

This was a week of Squats and Deadlifts and a few little tricks in between.

Monday's workout:
Back Squat
42.5/43.5/46/47.5kg (Personal Best!)

200m run
15kg Clean and Jerk - 7 reps
200m run
15kg Clean and Jerk - 5 reps
200m run
15kg Clean and Jerk - 3 reps

Time: 15mins? (I forgot to write down my time!)

Tuesday's workout:
65/66/67.5/68.5/70kg (I fought for this last set!)

WOD - Sandbag Complex

For time - 25 times
15kg Sandbag press
Burpee - Clean- Press-Overhead Lunge

Time 8:26sec

This workout seemed easy but holy crap are sandbags difficult to get off the ground when you are tired! It's like trying to pick up a really heavy water slinky!

Thursday's Workout
80 airsquats
5 muscle ups
60 airsquats
10 muscle ups
40 airsquats
15 muscle ups
20 airsquats
20 muscle ups

Time: 15:46mins

Muscle ups are HARD! The point is to be like the rock-star gymnasts that can get up onto the rings without any help by 'muscling up' from a hanging position. I tried the scaled version - kneeling. I was 'cheating' (or so I thought) by squatting down instead of being on my knees. The first round I used my legs more than my arms although after the first round of 80 airsquats, I was HURTING! My legs were useless and jello - hurting more in a squat position than helping me get up on the rings....who was I kidding!? The rest was really hard work and to make it worse, I wasn't getting enough depth on my squats so Jason gave me a medicine ball to hit every time on my's me hurting and swearing all the way back up!

Crap vs. Cash

This post is sponsored by L-O-V-E!!!! (and some pocket change).

I'm tired of being controlled by sugar cravings, feeling like I NEED to eat ___________ (cake, muffins, chocolate, ice cream, cookies...) and seriously wanting to kick this habit's ASS!

I'm prepared, I pack huge lunches, healthy snacks and sometimes it still isn't enough to keep me from drifting towards a sweet hit. I'm convinced that 90% of the time, it's just habit.

NO MORE! Monday - Friday I will be good and someone has agreed to pay me for it! That right folks, a $1/day is enough motivation to keep me away from the CRAP I've been eating and my workouts are thanking me for it.

I will not open the money pot until I have done a pull up unassisted and then the cash will be my treat to do something running shoes? massage? or some new work out clothes? To me that seems to be worth more than a cookie a day!