Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Week it Was

This was a week of Squats and Deadlifts and a few little tricks in between.

Monday's workout:
Back Squat
42.5/43.5/46/47.5kg (Personal Best!)

200m run
15kg Clean and Jerk - 7 reps
200m run
15kg Clean and Jerk - 5 reps
200m run
15kg Clean and Jerk - 3 reps

Time: 15mins? (I forgot to write down my time!)

Tuesday's workout:
65/66/67.5/68.5/70kg (I fought for this last set!)

WOD - Sandbag Complex

For time - 25 times
15kg Sandbag press
Burpee - Clean- Press-Overhead Lunge

Time 8:26sec

This workout seemed easy but holy crap are sandbags difficult to get off the ground when you are tired! It's like trying to pick up a really heavy water slinky!

Thursday's Workout
80 airsquats
5 muscle ups
60 airsquats
10 muscle ups
40 airsquats
15 muscle ups
20 airsquats
20 muscle ups

Time: 15:46mins

Muscle ups are HARD! The point is to be like the rock-star gymnasts that can get up onto the rings without any help by 'muscling up' from a hanging position. I tried the scaled version - kneeling. I was 'cheating' (or so I thought) by squatting down instead of being on my knees. The first round I used my legs more than my arms although after the first round of 80 airsquats, I was HURTING! My legs were useless and jello - hurting more in a squat position than helping me get up on the rings....who was I kidding!? The rest was really hard work and to make it worse, I wasn't getting enough depth on my squats so Jason gave me a medicine ball to hit every time on my's me hurting and swearing all the way back up!

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