Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

It's been several months (almost 4 to be exact) since I posted my last news - I have been slowly working through my health issues - mainly a parasite invasion of my guts that apparently has been there for A LONG time and re-balancing and strengthening my systems so I can keep the parasites from re-establishing themselves. Eeew. It's very shocking to hear how communal they are - I am a bit naive so I was surprised! (I think it's an Aussie thing where it's much more accepted to talk about worms than it is in North America?!).

Anyway - I have only been training 2x a week and have just taken 3 weeks off over the holiday period. I have been drooling over the Crossfit games posters (both men and womens photos) and dreaming of having similar set of abs and thighs as some of those wonderfully powerful women! I'm excited about 2010, nutrition, diet and most of all training!

Looking back at 2009 and where I started at:

late November - fundamentals class
December - one on one training with Jason
Deadlift (3RM) - 44kg
Frontsquat (5RM) - 25kg
Backsquat (5RM) - 24kg
Press (3RM) - 22.5kg
Overhead Squat (3RM) - 15.5kg
Ring Dips - struggling to get 2 on blue band
Pull Ups - same on purple band

NOW - at the start of 2010~~~~
Deadlift (3RM) - 82.5kg
Front squat (5RM) - 47.5kg
Backsquat (5RM) - 40kg (3RM 50kg)
Ring dips - no prob on blue band - now on red
Pull ups - working on red band

Have also completed the Crossfit endurance training and can run a 5km in 36mins (used to be about 45mins before) and completed a 30 day paleo challenge (after which I PBed my deadlifts!)
My favorite paleo breakfast!
Almonds, 1/2 an avocado, salsa (yummy organic) and turkey slices with an apple

Crossfit Endurance Running Certification with Carl

And I have kicked the parasites butt as well as lost about 10 cm on my waist and about 10lbs on the scales (but obviously added quite a bit of weight re: muscle).

Check out these pipes! (Visiting Storm on Rottnest!)

Will do my best to keep the blog updated a little more regularly and am back on paleo again and will post some meals as reference.

Happy New Year to you all and Train Hard!

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  1. I had a parasite too!!! Got it most likely in the Yukon while drinking the "purified" river water and it hung out and made me want to eat everything in site!!!!

    Tricky little thing to get rid of, glad you made it through. Definitely keep this blog updated, it's great to hear and see how you are doing!