Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am back!

I haven't stopped training during the healing from partially ripping my calf muscle...just been quiet on the blog. I'm taking great care to stay properly hydrated, get lots of magnesium and rest. Also loving my Trigger Point Therapy Ultimate Body kit - keeps me mobile!

BIG NEWS!!! I participated in my first ever triathlon - a baby one...I did the swim portion (250m with a 500m run to transition) with some girlfriends from work. It was a blast! We ended up coming in 3rd out of 15 teams in our group! Amazing! I cannot wait to train more and try again :-)

Had a FUN workout today. Serious therapy for women to get their frustrations out in a way that is allowed - I LOVE hitting things hard so today's work out was perfect!

Warmup – Airdyne 5mins
1x CFWU (7 toe push ups – aiming for 20!)

Strength – Deadlift
3-3-3 @ 65kg-72.5kg-75kg – slowly working my way back to my PB of 82.5kg for 3reps
1×15 @ 50kg

WOD – “Hammer gone bad”

8lbs hammer, 10kg kettlebell – I LOVED this work out – I find hitting something so satisfying….gets all the frustrations out in a healthy way. Will’s right – it’s all about technique!

3 rounds of:
1 min 8lb sledge hammer swing (onto big fat tire)
1 min 21" box jump (step up for me with calf)
1 min 8lb sledge hammer swing
1 min 10kg Kettle Bell cleans
1 min rest

My score for each round
108+122+129 (was going for 130 damnit!) = 359 Total Score

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