Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emotional Pain Today

Today was a really tough day. I haven't trained for 5 days and haven't been getting enough protein in my body the last few days. I've been feeling mentally exhausted...full moon? Crazy work schedule? Who knows but I sure felt it today during my workout. I fought for every single repetition and strangely, found myself fighting to keep control over my emotions! I felt like crying pretty much the whole workout....has this happened to anyone else out there? I would be fine once I was doing the movement but as soon as I transitioned between movements, I would feel the uncomfortable lump in my throat and would be fighting to stay in control of my emotions. I was determined not to cry!

AMRAP in 20 mins
35 kg Backsquat - 5 rep
5kg Wall ball - 10 rep
12kg Kettle Bell Swings - 15 rep

I liked this off of Crossfit Vancouver's website.

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