Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fran vs. Fran

Fran has finally come back into my life - 5 months after my first go!

I did my first Fran workout in December for part of my fundamental training. It was HUGELY scaled (thank god or else I would have seriously been crippled!).

December Fran was:

6.5kg thrusters (most likely not anywhere near below vertical!)
Pullups (purple band)
Time: 7:14min

April 09 Fran was:
20kg Thrusters (way better form now! Thanks Jason! hate those medicine balls but they work!)
Pullups (red band)
Time: 7:26min

I was disappointed as I was trying for 7:14mins....I tried, Jason yelled..cannot be too disappointed though. I'm really pleased to move from the purple band to the red and complete the work out. Yeah!

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