Monday, June 1, 2009

Crossfit Vancouver cures Jet Lag

Hey there! I'm writing to you from West Vancouver and we landed safely last night in Vancouver. I managed to get about 7hrs of sleep last night which is more than I expected. Got up this morning and was feeling a bit "wobbly" in the head, stomach and legs after traveling for more than 24hrs the day before. Nothing like a good Crossfit workout to fix things!

Here is my brother Fallguy and I at Crossfit Vancouver's new location.

So after getting the grand tour and meeting our coach for the session, Popeye (who had a large rottweiler following him around the whole time!) we got down to business:

Warm UP: 400m jog, timed 400m ball run (12lbs) 2:32min (sorry we are in lbs now!)
Strength: deadlifts - worked up to 115lbs (~52kg) worked on my technique

WOD: "Christine" 3 rounds for time of:
500m row
12 Body weight deadlifts (I stuck with the 52kg)
21 box jumps

By the end of round one, my bro informed me I was looking a little "green around the eyes"! I was feeling a bit woozy, but I made it through....sort of....we both threw up!

Hahahaha - Just kidding! (it's water!)

Time: 18:53min


  1. Great stuff Trac!! Good to see you into it. I was a bit jealous when I read you'd thrown up. Then I saw you were joking. I'm hoping your first Pukie visit will be with me!!! :) hahahahahaha

    Have a great time mate and keep going hard.