Monday, January 4, 2010

1st outdoor session 2010

We trained at Cottesloe beach this morning! Anyone not been to Western Australia it's a beautiful spot where the walking trail is up on a cliff that overlooks the beach and the ocean. Magic!

Today's workout was the first I've done in 3 weeks and as Steve mentioned during the training- yes, I'm guilty of a bit of carb loading over the holidays! Paleo and Xmas treats didn't really jive too well this year! Didn't vomit though so I was happy about that!

I trained with two other gals today as my "partners" and the boys did their thing together. Here it is:

“Partnered Beach Ladders”

For Time:
16kg Torsion Bar Thrusters: 1-10-1 reps (this means 1-2-3-4..and so on to 10 and then back down to one...10-9-8-)
Soft Sand Run, 200m
Push Up: 1-10-1 reps
Soft Sand Run 200m


Death by 10m in soft sand

The girls group finished in just over 20 mins and my death by 10m in soft sand was 7 rounds. Good benchmark for later in the year.

Apparently we'll be doing some swimming too so I'm a bit thrilled/scared at that as I've never really done ocean swimming before! Great session today and thanks to my training partners. The plan is to train outdoors for most of the summer ~ 3 months and then head back into the gym.

I love the feel of sand between my toes! Woot!

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  1. at least there you can see what's coming at there are seals. Lots and lots of seals that just pop up and scare the begeezus out of you! good luck with the swimming!