Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girl's day

Today ended up being "girl's day" at Cottesloe beach this morning....just Kate and I (and of course Steve our coach!). Kate is a new mate who is an awesome athlete and really fun to work out with! After a nice warm up jog and some mobility movements on the beach here is what I was in for today.

Swim to Pylon and back, 1 rep
16kg American KB Swings, 60 reps
Swim to Pylon and back, 2 reps
16kg American KB Swings, 40 reps
Swim to Pylon and back, 3 reps
16kg American KB Swings, 20 reps

Time: 20:48min

Kate did 4 rounds matched with 80 reps. I was overcome many times with an irrational, gripping fear of what might be in the water. I know logically there is nothing to be scared of although some small part of my brain isn't listening and each and every swimming stroke was hard won against this fear...I wonder if it will ever diminish? It frustrates me that I cannot "control" it - the small shadow that lurks in my mind. Classic.

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