Monday, January 11, 2010

Highlights Last week

I remembered I could climb things and we swam with sharks! (well, not too closely thank goodness).

Wednesday was the day of my very first ocean swim! I've been in the ocean plenty of times before but this was different. Goggles on. Head down. Doing freestyle! ...and freaking out I could see the bottom and that every single shadow or the seagrass that drifted across my face was a SHARK! whew...There was actually an official shark warning and some of the northern beaches had been closed the day before due to several 3m tiger and hammerhead sharks lurking around feeding on schools of fish.

Here's the pylon at low tide - our swim was at high tide. I actually really enjoyed this workout.

I did 3 rounds instead of 5
Cottesloe Beach
5 rounds for time of:
Run from Cottesloe Surf Club to the water
Swim 50m (Pylon is 25m marker)
Run to the grassed tiers, climb all tiers
Run back to the starting point

Time: 13:42min

Finished off with some sun salutation yoga moves in the evening as I was still having troubles walking from Monday's workout!

Friday's workout involved no water...all on land and running the unfortunately short but weirdly long 800m distance.

For time:
Run, 800m
Then complete 4 rounds of:
Pull ups, 10 reps
Push ups, 20 reps
Sit ups, 30 reps
Air Squats, 40 reps
Run, 800m

Time: 27:43min for 3 rounds

I lived off a Choco-Banana Paleo bread in the mornings before the work out and have to say the recipe was a hit! The rest of my meals were paleo during the day with lots of chicken, beef sausages and fish for protein. Good week!

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