Friday, January 2, 2009

All on my own

Before deciding to take a very needed full 2 weeks of everything (reality basically), I had a few days where I could do some workouts on my own. I have been reading the workouts on Eva T's blog (see blog roll) and found a few that I could do without equipment.

I think one of the things I really like about crossfit so far is that when I see a workout that interests me, I become curious and wonder, "could I really do it?", "how long would that workout take me?"'s like catching a bug that just nags away in your head until you put your gear on and go and do it!

The other aspect that gets me about Crossfit too is some of the workouts don't look that hard. For example, I tried the 10-10-10 (pushups, situps, squats) 10 times workout for time from Eva T's blog and I was DYING! I went from thinking, "oh this won't be to bad" to "oh my god, just let me get through this!"....evil yet addicting. I felt like a million bucks after wards - HOT and WET by the end too...sweat sweat sweat! My time was 18 mins

The other workout I did was Run 10 mins - 20 squats every 1 min running. Again, duped by how simple the work out looked (I wasn't going to kid myself that it would be easy) I did my best to just complete it! Sweat sweat sweat.....good bye fat...melty melty.

By the way, Eva T - I have to admit, I'm secretly in love with your arms! Your arms look like how I feel on the inside so I hope one day I can have my inside and outside match! I have read that some women are worried about getting "big" from doing crossfit but HOT DAMN, I think muscles are way sexier! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  1. hey tracy, i'm on the same quest and journey...albeit not 140lbs...i think that would kill me...but definitly 160-170 arena. Crossfit sounds intrguing. I'm cheering you on from Vancity friend!