Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Dog learning new tricks

I felt like this at the end of week 1 of my crossfit journey! Yesterday, Jason says to me we are going to do handstands and I got the giggles! I haven't done handstands since I was about 15yrs old so I figured it would be pretty interesting. So we tried a few against the wall and it turned out to be not so bad. It's really strange how little body awareness you have when you are upside down with all the blood rushing to your head! Then I was told I was going to do pushups from the handstand position! OH MY GOD?!

Luckily they were 'assisted' by a large rubber band sling (no other words to describe) and when I got into the thing and I had to fight to get my hands on the ground (pulling against a rubber band to do a handstand isn't something you get to do everyday!) I got an even bigger case of the giggles!!! Here is the progression of teaching this "old dog" a new trick!!

(it's too bad you cannot see my face - I'm laughing like crazy!)

Friday's workout was:
Back Squats - 5-5-5

Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
3x max - Purple AND Blue rubber bands!

WOD - 5 rounds for time
Pushups (knees) 5 reps
35kg Deadlift 5 reps
Pullup (Purple band) 5 reps
Time: 5:37 min

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  1. I can see the giggles!!! way to work through them!